Frequently Asked Questions

pixeLobster works like a directory - we gather the best FREE design resources available on the net. As you may have noticed, we do not store the actual products on our website, but we link directly to the source.

It's about the free exposure they'll get in return. Quality free designs get plenty of attention - there is no better way to get noticed.

We do, but only logo design / corporate identity. Feel free to drop us a request here.

It depends on the product you download. To cut it short, please check the list below:

.psd -> Adobe Photoshop
.ai -> Adobe Illustrator
.xd -> Adobe XD
.fig -> Figma
.sketch -> Sketch
.ppt -> Powerpoint

Please contact the author directly via the website you'll be redirected to.

Well, seems the author decided to remove the item and forgot to notify us.

We make sure that each design submitted is explicitly described by its author as free for personal and commercial use. Sometimes designers change the license information, so please, double check the license on the website where you'll make the download.

As you may see, we do not sell any designs. We redirect users to the actual authors. If you purchased something, please contact the actual author.

Sure! Please submit your design here.
Please make sure you own the copyright and the item is free for personal and commercial use.

Usually it happens within 24 hours.

Most likely your design didn't meet our quality standards. Thanks for understanding.

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