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2 free hanging shop signs mockup

Logos play a key role when it comes to the creation of a company's corporate identity. Good mockups can not only take your presentation up a level, but also help save time and streamline work processes.

Hanging signage or shop boards are especially interesting because people can see such signage from far away - which will obviously increase the chances of a visit to the establishment as well as sales. And if they don't visit, at least they will remember your logo.

If you have a client who has a shop or other brick-and-mortar operation, there's no better way to visualize the logo you've prepared for them. This freebie includes two variations of a photorealistic hanging store sign - both mock-ups include a sign mounted on the wall in front of the store, which displays the store logo and other important information.

The mockups can be edited using smart layers, which are very well arranged and each layer can be worked with independently.

Thanks to Eamejia for sharing this amazing mockup. To get more useful design resources from them, be sure to visit the author's website.

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