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Bison font family

Typography can truly make or break a design. Fonts can communicate a powerful message, and the way you choose to use them can really set the tone for your project. Today's freebie is a great example of this—the "Bison" font family is a multi-purpose typeface that you can use for virtually any creative project you have in mind. Whether you're designing a poster, a book cover, or a banner, Bison is an excellent choice. This modern sans serif font looks especially great in dark colors, such as black, and can be used to give your sports magazine titles and layout a bold look.

The Bison font family comes with 12 fonts in total, and is available in Ai, Id, and PS formats. It includes 6 different weights, so you can play around with your design and find the perfect font to portray your message. Best of all, it's free for personal use!

A huge thank you goes out to Tom Anders Watkins and Ellen Luff for making this beautiful typeface available. Be sure to check out their portfolio for more design resources.

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