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Bourbon Grotesque font

Unearth the charm of yesteryears with the Bourbon Grotesque font. Deceptively simple, this typeface wields bold contours and robust shaping to exude a character beyond the ordinary. Designed to evoke nostalgia of the classic five-and-dime era, this sans serif font, crafted by Jeremy Vessey, is a testament to the power of bold and crisp lines in typography.

Highly versatile, the Bourbon Grotesque is perfect for creating bottle labels, vintage merchandise, and apothecary items, radiating an irresistible barbershop vibe. From large-scale branding on posters, signs, and storefront graphics to the smallest details, its blend of inline styles with a bold, rounded typeface ensures your designs are not just eye-catching, but also timeless. Embrace the Bourbon Grotesque font, and weave narratives of simpler times into your modern design projects.

Tags sans serif

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