Chocolate Bar Wrapper Mock-Up

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Chocolate bar wrapper mock-up

This mock-up of a chocolate bar wrapper is as tasty as it looks, even though it's just a mock-up. In case you are working on a new candy bar wrapper for your client, this mockup is absolutely perfect to showcase it. Aside from looking fantastic, it's also very easy to work with, due to the use of smart objects that do most of the work for you.

To achieve a more realistic presentation, you can add pieces of other tasty goods to the background, or something else to enhance the whole presentation.

This mockup in Photoshop PSD format has unlimited potential, designers can go crazy in their creativity and no matter what the design of the packaging is, the candy bar will still look perfect every time.

Thanks to Pixel Buddha for sharing this free chocolate bar wrapper mockup. For more creative mockups similar to this one, visit their website.

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