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Fertigo free font

Fertigo is a stunning free sans serif font designed by the talented team at Exljbris type foundry. It features bold, beautiful and decorative characters that are sure to make any project stand out from the crowd – perfect for logo design, branding projects, calligraphy and much more! 

Created by Jos Buivenga of Exljbris type foundry, Fertigo includes upper-case letters, lower-case letters and even special characters with auto-ligatures for an extra touch of style. With its unique aesthetic qualities and versatility across multiple design disciplines, it's no wonder that Fertigo has become a favorite among designers everywhere.

And if you're looking for more fonts or typefaces to incorporate into your designs or projects then be sure to check out what else is available on the Exljbris website! From vintage grunge styles to modern geometric shapes they have something for everyone - so why not browse their library today?

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