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Free chalkboard text effect

As we all know, creativity is essential in branding. Creative design usually involves striving for uniqueness, and you can achieve this by, for example, creating your own fonts instead of using a standard font. Of course, not everyone can create an original font this way - it simply takes talent and years of practice.

That's why today we've prepared something that might help you in this area. It is a realistic and stunning effect of text written in chalk. It's perfect for designing local restaurant menus, posters, or invitations to a barbecue party, or even headlines in a magazine.

This free chalkboard text effect in PSD format turns any plain text into stunning chalkboard written text. The whole process is simple, just double-click on the top layer of the "ADD TEXT HERE" smart object, type your own text or insert your typography and save - and beautiful chalk-written text is born.

You can count on the fact that besides pasting the text itself, you can also edit its colors or the background color. The fonts used in the mock-up are freely available on the internet and can be downloaded. Of course, feel free to use any font that suits you.

Thanks to Graphics Fuel for sharing this free font effect.

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