Free Colorful Isometric 3D Text Effect

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Free colorful isometric 3D text effect

It's safe to say that 3D text effects have taken typography to a whole new level! Text doesn't have to be flat anymore, but we can now add perspective and depth to any boring font, which is very exciting.

Today we have an interesting colorful isometric 3D text effect from Graphics Egg.

This free text effect allows you to easily add a third dimension to your font as well as a cool color gradient. Everything is a matter of seconds, just add the text to the smart object and save the whole file. And that's not all. The effect is available from 3 different angles - choose the one that seems most suitable for your project.

As for the use, I can imagine it in poster designs, book and magazine covers, product packaging and so on. The text effect looks a bit retro, so maybe you could use it in that area as well.

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