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free digital designer business card template (Ai)

Despite the fact that business cards seem to be dying out, in direct meetings with, say, an older generation of business partners, there is no better method of presentation coupled with the provision of contact information.

A business card is a physical reminder to your client of who you are and what you represent. Creative business cards can catch clients' attention and pique their interest in the services you offer.

This template is a great example of a minimalistic and slick business card. Although the designer's aim was to create a multi-purpose business card template, it is especially suited for marketers and digital designers. The business card itself includes a section for the holder's name, profession, logo and contact details.

We are grateful to Graphic Pear for creating and sharing this awesome business card template design. Don't forget to visit them - you can find other business card templates on their website, as well as other interesting tidbits.

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