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free Kitchen Sink typeface

Are you looking for a unique font to make your designs stand out? Look no further than the Kitchen Sink font, created by Ollie Briggs! This creative typeface was inspired by the humble kitchen sponge, with each letter created by dabbing a letter-shaped sponge (covered in paint) onto a piece of paper and then scanning it. The Kitchen Sink comes in three styles – light, regular, and bold – each representing the amount of ink and pressure used on the sponge letter. These two versions of each letter give the font a handcrafted feel that’s sure to make your designs pop.

The Kitchen Sink font is available in AI and PSD formats for personal use only, and the creator must be credited. This versatile font is perfect for all sorts of projects, from logo design and creative typographic posters to children’s book covers and packaging design (such as for paint cans or sponges).

Get ready to make a splash with the Kitchen Sink font – the perfect way to give your designs a unique and creative touch!

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