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Free magazine mock-up in PSD

Despite the trend moving more and more towards digital media, magazines in their traditional paper form still maintain their presence. 

The importance of magazine design is important to impress the reader and create a page-turner. In today's competitive world, a magazine's popularity is measured by its design, graphics and images used, as well as texture and typography, in addition to its content. 

As I mentioned earlier, the internet is taking over these days, which is why magazine graphic design is extremely important for a new magazine to keep up with its digital competitors.

This free magazine mockup is a way to easily and well present your magazine design in 3D and from multiple angles. The mockup comes in PSD format and is fully editable, you can adjust everything including shadows and highlights and so on. The mockup is amazing in that you can display more than one page of the magazine, it allows you to view the pages when turning and when folded, making the mockup a comprehensive product presentation tool.

Thank you to Taffy Toffy for this outstanding free magazine mockup.

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