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free mock-up of hovering teacup in PSD

People all around the world cherish the moment of tea time for its relaxing and calming effects. While many cultures have different tea-drinking rituals, they all agree that drinking tea can take you to a whole other world where stress melts away and contemplation takes place. 

Today’s freebie is a mock-up of hovering teacup created by Graphic Pear, designed to be customized as desired. It comes in a PSD format with a blank slate, allowing you to easily add your own design via Smart Objects and choose whatever background you want. 

This design freebie is perfect for all sorts of projects, such as creating branding for teashops, cafes, and restaurants, logo and typography design presentations, advertising posters, and web presentations. You can also use this mockup to showcase your own custom teacup design with quotes and initials printed on it. For an even more realistic presentation, you can add smoke coming out of the cup or tea splashing from its floating state, as well as some teabags or tea leaves below the cup. 

So grab your favorite teacup, a freebie from Graphic Pear, and get creative!

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