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Free newspaper mockup in PSD

In the past decades, newspapers used to come out only in printed form, containing a variety of information, advertisements and, of course, news. Going further back in time, newspapers were, say, the only way, along with radio, for the public to receive information.

Later on, however, the newspaper industry had to evolve whether it wanted to or not, as the emergence of the online space also changed the habits of readers. Nowadays, many people exclusively use mobile phones or tablets to consume information. This is understandable as this method is easier and in many cases cheaper.

However, some people still prefer this sentimental connection and prefer to touch and feel the texture of a newspaper or magazine with their bare hands.

This free newspaper mockup is great for showcasing the design of a newspaper before it goes to print. If you're deciding between multiple designs, it's a way to visualize each design and easily choose the one that seems best to you or your client.

You can change the mock-up, which is in PSD format, at will - whether it's changing the layout itself, the colors, or the background. Of course, you can also count on support for smart objects, which will make working with the mockup much easier.

Finally, I just want to thank Pune Design for sharing this fantastic free newspaper mock-up.

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