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Even though in today's age of advanced technology, ordinary notebooks are not used as often as they used to be, they still have their charm.

Nevertheless, we must note that illustrators still love to use them for quick sketching of their ideas. So why not use them for presentation purposes as well.

Let me introduce you to this cool free notebook mockup. Basically, we can talk about a mock-up of two notebooks that are placed one on top of the other. 

This amazing mockup allows you to present your logos, artwork, badges or texts in a wonderful way.

Editing is done easily through smart objects. So if you own Photoshop, it's a matter of minutes to change graphics, backgrounds or colors.

Guys, don't hesitate to download this free notebook mockup; if you don't need it now, you'll definitely need it someday.

Thanks to Mr Mockup for their amazing mock-ups.

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