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free realistic flag mockup

Flags are not just a piece of fabric, but also a powerful symbol that represents countries, cities, movements, aspirations or even companies.

Flags are like paintings; every color, every detail has its meaning. They are very important for brand marketing. With this free flag mockup, you can be assured of a professional look when displaying your country's flag and even when designing a company logo for a client.

This free realistic flag mockup that can be easily customized in Adobe Photoshop using smart object layers. Insert your flat design, adjust the colors or even change the background image. The job is done in minutes.

Thanks to Graphic Pear for this fantastic flag mock-up. Be sure to check out their site, it's quite possible you'll find more quality flag mockups up there.

Remember, you can use this free flag mockup for both personal and commercial purposes! You are welcome :)

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