Free Roll-Up Mock-Ups In 3 Sizes

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Free roll-up mock-ups in 3 sizes

Designers often spend hours on the internet searching for the right mock-up to present their design realistically and attractively. A good presentation is the very foundation - it gives the client an idea of what their final design, in our case a roll-up, will look like. At the same time, an attractive mock-up can also help sell our final design ... simply everything looks better on such a mock-up.

Today's free product is a roll-up mockup in PSD format. It is perfect for presenting any banner or poster design. This mockup is available in 3 different sizes namely 80×200 cm, 100×200 cm and 120×200 cm. And that's not all - each size includes mockups taken from 2 angles. All mockups are of course easily editable via smart objects.

In terms of use, these rollup mockups are perfectly suited for information campaigns, advertising and exhibitions. They will help to present your project design in a professional manner.

Thanks to Mockups Design for sharing these amazing free roll-up mock-ups in 3 sizes. Be sure to visit their website where you can count on more quality design materials.

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