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Free vinyl record mockup (PSD)

It has to be said that vinyl records have always attracted attention. This is still the case even now that we have moved from the analogue age to the digital age.

The cover of your vinyl record is an advertisement for the album but also for the artist. The cover represents the first thing that comes into contact with people, and although the content is of course essential, we all know that the cover sells as well.

The more creative the design of the vinyl record cover, the greater the chance of success, especially if you are selling to music lovers who are not directly familiar with the work of a particular artist, or do not directly worship them as an idol (to those, the design would probably be indifferent).

This stunning vinyl record mock-up will help present your design in a photorealistic way. Traditionally, you can count on the fact that the mockup is fully customizable - you can change the background, colors and add your own elements through smart objects.

We have to thank Graphic Pear for sharing this beautiful free vinyl record mockup. Be sure to visit their website where you can find lots of interesting stuff.

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