Insecta - Insects Vector Illustrations Set

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Insecta - insects vector illustrations set

Insects are often overlooked and often despised, but their importance to the environment cannot be underestimated. Without them, the world would be a disaster - they help dispose of and break down wastes, they help pollinate flowers, and they are the sole food sources of many animals.

To honor these tiny creatures, Pixel Buddha has created Insecta, a free set of 20 vintage vector bugs that you can customize according to your own concept. This design freebie is available in both Ai and PNG format and can be used for logo design, banners, Entomology books, packaging, and all sorts of print accessories. Insecta is an excellent way to bring some of nature's beauty into your own projects. Not only are these bugs colorful and fun, but they can also remind us of the importance of insects to our environment.

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