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Panton font is an amazing typeface inspired by the classic grotesque designs. With a total of 54 fonts in the family, Panton offers excellent legibility, geometric shapes, optimized kerning, and superior web-font performance. It's the perfect typeface for headlines, logos, apparel, and any other display projects in both the digital and print worlds.

Recently, the Panton family has grown with the addition of Panton Narrow. This new set includes nine upright and nine matching italic fonts, from thin to heavy. It's the perfect complement to the existing 54 fonts, offering more options for customization and creativity.

We owe a big thanks to Ivan Petrov, the designer behind the Panton font family. Ivan has given us a great selection of fonts, so make sure to check out his portfolio for more typeface options. Panton is an excellent choice for those who value legibility, performance, and innovation in their design projects.

Tags sans serif

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