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Pristine free script font

I'm thrilled to introduce a truly exceptional typeface that has captured the hearts of many designers - Pristine, a script font created by the talented team at Graphic Pear. Pristine, which signifies purity and flawlessness, is perfect for various design projects, ranging from striking headlines to memorable branding and logo designs.

This distinct font has already garnered over 35,000 views and thousands of downloads on the author's website, demonstrating its widespread appeal. Pristine features uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters, with an italic style as its default setting. Although some designers have ventured to use Pristine in body text, we personally recommend using it for headers, posters, or even in conjunction with other popular typefaces like Arial and Helvetica to create stunning visual effects. Ultimately, the designer's artistic vision and creative choices will determine how Pristine can best be utilized. So, why not add this remarkable typeface to your design arsenal and explore the endless possibilities it has to offer?

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