Fonts: Serif font

Chronos Serif Font 1

Chronos Serif Font


Font Chronos is a beautiful serif font created by Mathieu Desjardins. It is available for personal use or non-profit completely free of charge.

Arvo Free Font Family 1

Arvo Free Font Family


Avro is a geometric slab-serif font family which consists of 4 styles: roman, bold, bold italic and bold.

Libre Baskerville Font 1

Libre Baskerville Font


The Libre Baskerville font is a free serif typeface inspired by the Baskerville typeface.

Assassin Free Serif Font 1

Assassin Free Serif Font


Assassin is a font from the Ubisoft video game Assassins Creed. It is a serif font that supports uppercase and special characters.

Liberation Serif Free Font 1

Liberation Serif Free Font


Liberation Serif designed by Red Hat is a font family consisting of 4 amazing fonts available for personal use.

Wensley Free Modern Serif Font 1

Wensley Serif Font


Created by Faraz Ahmad of Creativetacos, Wensley font is a creative example of a modern serif font family with a premium look.

Cammron Serif Font 1

Cammron Serif Font


Commron font is a modern serif font created by Creativetacos. The font is suitable for use with handwritten or script fonts.

Free Serif Font Family 1

Freeserif Font Family


GNU FreeFont is a free family of scalable outline fonts suitable for general computer use and for desktop publishing.

Free Muara Serif Font 1

Free Muara Vintage Font


Muara vintage font is lovely free serif typeface designed by Surotype Co.

Bariol Serif Modern Typeface 1

Bariol Serif Font


Bariol Serif by Atipo Foundry is a serif version of the Bariol font. This well-designed font retains the same style as its sans-serif version.

Knile Slab Serif Font 1

Knile Slab Serif Font


Knile is a free slab serif font designed by Atipo. The font works is perfect for headlines and body text, thanks to its high legible design.

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