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2 free close-up logo mockups

Despite the fact that the design and marketing world is going through constant changes, if we disregard new styles, logo design as such will probably be around forever. A logo represents the symbol and identity of a company or brand, which is essential in marketing.

We all know well that after the logo design process, the presentation process follows. This process is very important because an attractive presentation can make even a mediocre logo into a breathtaking logo.

Every presentation costs something - if not money, at least time spent on it. It is for this purpose that more and more designers have recently been reaching for ready-made mockups that can do exactly what we need in an instant. Despite the fact that there are a lot of paid mockups out there, if one searches one can find free mockups that look fantastic.

Today we have prepared an interesting free close-up logo mockup that is perfect for showcasing any branding project. Using it is easy, just replace the logo design with the default one through smart objects. The mockup contains two materials - either cardboard paper or metallic surface. Choose the one that suits you best.

Thanks to Design Something studio for sharing this useful logo mockup. Check out their portfolio to see the full version.

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