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free hovering iPhone mockup in PSD

Apple is a company whose fame was brought back mainly by Steve Job with his new concept of a mobile phone, which he called iPhone. These phones set a new trend and it is fair to say that it has not changed much since then. Screen sizes have increased, procersors have got faster, but the concept has remained the same. Of course, in addition to its unique design and factory-quality workmanship, the iPhone is unique in its operating system.

It is incredible, but in a little while we will have the 14th version of this phone, which we can already tell will be a success.

Designers like to use various mock-ups to present their creations. If you are one of them and you are currently working on a website or a mobile app, there is nothing better than presenting it on an attractive mockup featuring a beautiful mobile phone.

Today we have prepared for you, as you probably already know, a mockup containing not just one, but 2 iPhones floating in space. While this is only the 10th version of this mobile phone, that is, the iPhone X, it doesn't change the fact that the final mockup looks amazing and you can be sure that whatever you present on it will take it up a level.

This free mockup comes in PSD format and includes smart objects that are a guarantee of ease of use. Enjoy!

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