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Anodina font family

Fonts and people have a lot of similarities! Typographical errors, for instance, are very much man-made. This is why fonts often reflect the personality of the designer who created them. Anodina is an excellent example of this idea in action. It's a font family that has human features yet remains symmetrical at its core.

This versatile design freebie can be used for many kinds of projects, such as posters, branding elements, book layouts, magazine covers and invitations cards. Best of all it's available for both personal and commercial use - so download it fast to get your creative juices flowing!

We'd like to give special thanks to Stefano Giliberti for creating this amazing free Anodina font family. Be sure to visit his Behance portfolio where you'll find plenty more fantastic designs - don't forget to follow him while you're there!

Tags sans serif

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