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Homemade brush font

This Homemade brush font is a dream come true for any graphic designer. It's the perfect way to add an artistic, light and gentle touch to any project. From photography portfolio presentations to typographic postcards and even handmade print accessories – this stunning typeface will make any design look gorgeous!

Featuring two brush styles, full numbers, punctuation marks and accents for all European languages (plus open-type features such as ligatures for natural double letters and contextual forms), it's the perfect tool to bring your projects alive with its beautiful handwritten style. For example, why not print your favorite quote on a mug or t-shirt? Or you could take some Polaroid pictures of you and your BFF with funny captions – it would make the ideal birthday gift! 

Pixel Buddha have done us proud by creating this amazing free Homemade brush font that we can now use in all sorts of creative ways; so don't miss out on grabbing yourself this magical brush typeface today before someone else does!

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